Have you ever thought about what you would do if you could not use the transportation you depend on?  How would you take care of your day-to-day tasks? Who would help you? People often look to friends or relatives to help them with rides. This may be a good option for you, but is not always convenient for them.

Thinking ahead about your transportation can give you peace of mind in case your car breaks down, or your neighbor moves. You should learn about transportation choices in your area and decide which option is best for you.

Transportation can be provided by a variety of different people and vehicles, including volunteers, buses, taxis, or specially equipped van service. Local religious or civic organizations may also have volunteer drivers and cars. What is available in your community will vary depending on where you live.

Health First Colorado and Transportation

In general, you are expected to get to your appointments by using regular means of transportation, such as walk, drive a car, take a bus, ride with a friend etc. Sometimes you may not be able to walk, or you are so sick that you cannot use regular means. You can talk with your PCP or Care Coordinator to help arrange transportation for you. Ask them about how you may be able to get a ride to your appointment.

There may be special transit buses in your area for people with Health First Colorado. For some services, the county Department of Social Services (DSS or DHS) will find transportation to medical appointments. Arrangements need to be made within 48 hours from appointment times. Once transportation arrangements are made, a 24 hour notice is needed for cancellation. Providers can help arrange a ride, but Health First Colorado will not pay for a ride unless it is first approved by the county. Call your DSS Case Worker, or your Care Coordinator.

County NEMT Services Provider Phone
Alamosa Red Willow Transportation 719-589-5734
Baca Department of Social Services 719-523-4131
Bent Department of Social Services 719-426-2620
Chaffee Red Willow Transportation 719-589-5734
Conejos Red Willow Transportation 719-589-5734
Costilla Red Willow Transportation 719-589-5734
Crowley Department of Human Services 719-267-3546
Custer Department of Social Services 719-783-2371
Freemont Department of Human Services 719-275-5206
Huerfano Department of Social Services 719-738-2810
Kiowa Department of Social Services 719-438-5541
Lake Department of Human Services 719-486-2088
Las Animas Department of Human Services 719-846-2276
Mineral Red Willow Transportation 719-589-5734
Otero Department of Social Services 719-383-3100
Prowers Department of Human Services 719-336-7486
Pueblo Department of Social Services 719-583-6160
Rio Grande Red Willow Transportation 719-589-5734
Saguache Red Willow Transportation 719-589-5734