Mental Health Services

Choosing someone to help you with a personal problem is an important decision. We often rely on the advice of friends and family. While family and friends can help with small matters, they may feel overwhelmed when asked to help with a difficult personal problem. Sometimes you may be too embarrassed to tell your problem to a family member; other times a family member may be at the root of the problem. In these cases, the problem demands the attention of an experienced, professional.

Psychiatrists, psychologists, professional counselors and social workers are professionals who are trained to help people with relationship problems, depression, anxiety, addictions, and family problems. Psychiatrists are also medical doctors and can prescribe medication if necessary.

Self-help and support groups also help many people. These groups are especially useful if your problem involves a particular behavior that is causing you problems. There are many self-help groups for drinking, overeating or gambling. For many people, groups like Alcoholics Anonymous are lifesavers for families. Groups for people with depression, bi-polar disorder can also be helpful. There are groups for families and friends to help them cope. These groups provide support and education about the illness. In many cases, your doctor or mental health professional can provide you with a list of these groups in your area, and many groups have information available online.

How to get mental health services

If you are a member of a BHO, you do not need a referral to get a mental health appointment. There are several ways to get an appointment.

  • Call you PCMP and ask for a mental health appointment.
  • If you are a member of a BHO:
    • You can call the BHO directly at 1-800-804-5040.
    • You can call the mental health center or provider to make an appointment directly.
    • You can call the ICHP customer service number at 855-959-7340 and they will help you make an appointment.
  • Very Important — If you make a mental health appointment through the BHO, make sure to let your PCMP know. This will help your PCMP do the right care coordination.
  • To learn more about your BHO, go to the CHP website.